New gay blood donation criteria a "ban by any other name".

Lib Dem Conference motion proposed by Chris Ward to demand the government go further to protect the blood bank and open it up to responsible gay and bisexual donors.

Support the Government e-Petition!

We are always happy to support activists from other parties in their endeavours to campaign against the blood ban, so we'd like to urge everybody to support Labour's Tom King and his e-petition to the government to end the ban on gay men from donating blood. You can sign it here.

Lib Dems to debate ending the blood ban at Conference

"Science Not Stigma - Ending the Blood Ban" will be debated at Autumn Conference in Birmingham. The motion calls for the government to end the ban on gay men and their partners from donating blood and to base donor criteria on the risk posed by individual behaviour rather than membership of societal groups.

Calling all Conference Voting Reps!

We need as many Conference Voting Reps as possible to support this motion before we submit it to Conference Committee on 29th June 2011.

Campaign website launched!

Welcome to our website, where we will continually update you and other supporters of news on our campaign to urge the coalition government to end the ban on men who have had sex with men (MSM) from donating blood.